Blog: 5 top email subject lines for Black Friday

This Black Friday / Cyber Monday (or BFCM) email inboxes will be full of marketing messages - here's how you can stand out with your email's subject line...

This Black Friday / Cyber Monday (or BFCM as it's also known) email inboxes will be full of marketing messages.

You need to stand out - and a big part of that is choosing your email's subject line.

In this post we're looking at five fresh and unusual Black Friday email subject line ideas that can help you cut through.

(Tip: you can try your own variations of each on real people by clicking the 'Test this on real people for free!' button alongside.)

Idea 1: Fear of missing out

24h to go: Black Friday deals

Nobody wants to miss a great Black Friday deal and lose the chance to save money. Try using email subject lines that make it clear time is limited; this will help you drive urgent action!

Idea 2: Emoji to cut through

🖤 Black Friday: exclusive offers

We've written a whole blog post about how emoji can be a crucial tool in cutting through with your email subject lines - but why not try a bit of gothic charm, with a black heart symbol in your email subject line?

Idea 3: Exclusive pre-launch or early access

Sneak peek at our Black Friday deals

Everyone wants to be in the 'in crowd' so why not reward your most loyal customers with early access to your Black Friday deals. Whether it's the evening before, or a whole 24 hours prior, starting their Black Friday purchasing early will be of benefit to both you and your customer.

Idea 4: Go quirky

1,440 minutes to save yourself money

If you saw this message in your inbox it might make you think, no? Using a quirky email subject line like that can arouse your customers' curiosity. You'll have to work harder on your body copy to deliver conversions, given the subject line is a little generic. But if you've overcome the first hurdle to conversion in style (opening the email) that's half the battle.

Idea 5: Personalise your subject line

NAME, exclusive Black Friday offer for you

Tailoring an email subject line to make sure it includes the recipient's name is a great tactic to get the message read this Black Friday / Cyber Monday. If your business or local regional approach is a little more formal, you might change this from forename to a courteous "Mr. X" or "Ms. Y" to better respect an individual's preferences.

So that is all our five top ideas for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) email subject lines that cut through. Have you given these a go? How did they do? Don't forget to pre-test variations of each to fit your needs; do it immediately by clicking the 'Test this on real people for free!' button next to each of the ideas above.

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